RTG Software

RTG (Realtime Gaming) software is one of the leading companies along with Microgaming and Rival software, providing a wide range of games. It can be even surprising, but the company is taking games seriously in order to maintain the quality of online gaming and the good name of the RTG software company as one of the best safe casino operators.

RTG background

RTG company, found in 1999, is based in Atlanta and Costa Rica. Ever since the beginning, RTG has been building good reputation among gamblers as well as other companies, working in the e-business. The goals were set and hard working brought its results: RTG is reaping the fruits of its labour, as it is one of the best providers of safe casino online software.real time gaming

Over many years, RTG has been developing different and high-quality games to satisfy the growing number of gamblers alongside with the increasing people interests in online gambling industry.

After 10-year experience in e-gaming field, the company is now one of the best and most reputable gambling company, and makes annual progress in improving their games. As a result, its website is one of the most popular in this competitive e-gaming industry.

RTG advantages

To keep up with the speedy development of the other companies at the online gaming market, RTG has to be very creative and innovative. That means making progressive solutions to maintain customers' interest and popularity.

RTG succeed in this by adding Auto Play to their slots games. It means the system can play for a player automatically, while he/she is doing their own business. It is very creative solution, as players may even hit a jackpot without making any efforts. Isn't it cool?

Another benefit of playing in RTG powered casinos is that they offer more than 100 games with their small size to download.

RTG is also famous for being Best video poker software provider with progressive and easy navigation.

RTG disadvantages

In spite of all the pluses, RTG has also its weak points. First of all, the download versions of games are not very good, with low quality of graphics and sound effects, for example in online slots.

One more bothering thing is that RTG company gives its online operators more freedom with the software. It means that operators are allowed choose independently the amount of payout percentages per game. Is it fair? No, as it makes no sense, since other operators can not set different parameters for playing. They are supposed to be universal among all operators. This is the most unattractive feature of the RTG software company.

Nevertheless, RTG provides high quality service, providing innovations and creative solutions for this industry. Moreover, it founds itself making its way to the top, improving and making all the games user-friendly and very realistic.

Welcome to the world of online casinos!

casino red light

Online gambling has become a popular kind of entertainment. Players enjoy the opportunity to gamble without leaving home.

The main concern of all online players is whether the online casinos safe. The truth is that most of the casinos care about players and are licensed with the reliable licensing jurisdictions that guarantee transparency and fair gaming.

Moreover, online casinos provide players with great casino bonuses!

Are online casinos safe?

Image 2 Gambling in online casinos is safe and that can be proved by licenses and certificates. For more information read this article that reveals all secrets and facts.


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