Antigua & Barbuda gambling licensing

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Antigua and Barbuda has been the first island country to regulate & license online gambling. In 1994 it became the 1st online gambling casino jurisdiction in the world that had responsibility for making the first step to the international online gambling industry.

The regulation and licensing of online gaming business in the Antigua & Barbuda jurisdiction has a strong legislative base. All the operations and license granting is handled by the Gaming Division, organized under the FSRC (Financial Services Regulatory Commission).

The regulatory body has two main responsibilities: control & supervision of the online gaming in the Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction. This work is done under Interactive Gaming & Wagering Regulations.

The e-gaming companies can be granted two different types of licenses by the Gaming Division in accordance with their future business course of work:

  • Interactive Gaming license (covers casino and poker games);
  • Interactive Wagering license (covers sports betting).

The inner policy of casino licensing in Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction has its own obligatory fees:

  • USD $10,000 as the non-refundable deposit provided by applicants for due assistance; plus USD $1,000 as an additional fee per key person;
  • the license annual fee of USD $75,000 for interactive gambling ;
  • USD $1,000 for the first year licenses for Key person;
  • USD $5,000 as the annual renewal application fee for the online gaming alongside with sport betting licenses.

Client's protection

Without respect to the clients and their protection, any e-business will survive, that is why Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction pays a close attention to maintaining legitimate regulation of e-sector. Three crucial aspects of this policy are:

  • players protection;
  • money laundering prevention;
  • online gaming enhancement.

Online gaming companies holding the Antigua and Barbuda licenses are subject to such Caribbean gambling laws as:

  • the Anti-Money Laundering
  • the CFATF (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force)

These means guarantee complaisance with the jurisdiction regulations and player safety.

The most popular online casinos licensed in Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Casino Del Rio
  • Casino Tropez
  • Millionaire Casino

The Antigua and Barbuda remains highly reputable gaming jurisdictions as it imposes the best administration practices and corporate wholeness in its licensees.

Welcome to the world of online casinos!

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Online gambling has become a popular kind of entertainment. Players enjoy the opportunity to gamble without leaving home.

The main concern of all online players is whether the online casinos safe. The truth is that most of the casinos care about players and are licensed with the reliable licensing jurisdictions that guarantee transparency and fair gaming.

Moreover, online casinos provide players with great casino bonuses!

Are online casinos safe?

Image 2 Gambling in online casinos is safe and that can be proved by licenses and certificates. For more information read this article that reveals all secrets and facts.


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