AMEX (American Express) is a secure online casino method of payment. It is quite popular as it offers comfortable as well as quick ways of depositing money at the online casinos. AMEX is valid in more than a hundred countries around the world guaranteeing speedy and safe money transactions. It is one of the companies that are the most trusted in today's world, as it is the credit-card provider catering for its customers playing in casinos.

AMEX attracts online players with its simplicity and convenience, but they should keep in mind that some online casinos cannot offer such effective via American Express as others. Mostly, it concerns the US players.

AMEX advantages

As it was mentioned above, American Express is a quick and easy way to deposit money at online casinos. A player just need to enter his/her details and make the transaction or enter at first the details of his/her American Express credit card and make a deposit afterwards.

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AMEX is good payment method as it guarantees an authorized access to player's online casino account, so that no one would be able to use a player's AMEX in order to submit a deposit at the online casino.

Among the other abovementioned methods, AMEX is good for two more reasons:

1) the deposits are instant with really small transaction fee (2%);

2) it is a multi-currency compliant payment method.

AMEX disadvantages

The main disadvantage of this payment method is that it is not always can be seen as a payment option in the online casinos' lists. The reasons are simple:

1) only a small number of online casinos that can accept US residents (AMEX is being used mostly in the USA). Unfortunately, the list of friendly casino sites accepting AMEX will unlikely increase in the near future. It can happen only if the U.S. government make some legal changing concerning online gambling.

2) even if an online casino agrees to accept U.S. gamblers, it may not accept U.S. credit-card payments.

Welcome to the world of online casinos!

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Online gambling has become a popular kind of entertainment. Players enjoy the opportunity to gamble without leaving home.

The main concern of all online players is whether the online casinos safe. The truth is that most of the casinos care about players and are licensed with the reliable licensing jurisdictions that guarantee transparency and fair gaming.

Moreover, online casinos provide players with great casino bonuses!

Are online casinos safe?

Image 2 Gambling in online casinos is safe and that can be proved by licenses and certificates. For more information read this article that reveals all secrets and facts.


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